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2016 WHL Draft Rankings

RankFirst NameLast NameNationalityPositionShotDate Of BirthHeightWeightRecent TeamTeamRating
1PeytonKrebsCANLeft WingLeft1/26/20015-111642015-16 Team:Rocky Mountain Raiders U145
2KirbyDachCANCenterRight1/21/20016-11702015-16 Team:Ft. Saskatchewan Rangers U185
3LoganBarlageCANCenter1/7/20016-31902015-16 Team:Humboldt Broncos U145
4BowenByramCANDefenseLeft6/23/20016-01682015-16 Team:Lethbridge Golden Hawks U145
5SashaMutalaCANRight WingRight5/6/20016-01762015-16 Team:Burnaby Winter Club U145
6NikNormanUSALeft WingLeft3/8/20015-91502015-16 Team:Shattuck St. Mary's U145
7JacksonVan de LeestCANDefenseLeft6/15/20016-51942015-16 Team:Yale Hockey Academy U145
8KaedanKorczakCANDefenseRight1/29/20016-11702015-16 Team:Yorkton Maulers U185
9JoshWilliamsCANRight WingRight3/8/20016-11742015-16 Team:Yale Hockey Academy U145
10MatthewRobertsonCANDefenseLeft3/9/20016-11712015-16 Team:Sherwood Park Flyers U144

Detailed Player Game Reports

Position: Defense

Height: 6-0

Weight: 160

Shot: Right

DOB: 8/14/2000

Hometown: Mississauga, ONT

CHL Status: 2016 Guelph (OHL) 1/1

NHL Draft Eligible: 2018

EHP Rating

Recent Reports

December 26-30, 2015
There is little more we can say about Merkley that we haven’t already said this season as he is simply and excellent player with outstanding skills and tremendous potential.  He will be an impact player next season in the OHL and will be watched closely as a top pick in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft.  He sees the game like few other players at any level do.  He is many plays ahead of everyone on the ice and makes the game look super simple.  He is an excellent skater with speed and mobility in all directions.  He makes defenders look silly and there is not one part of his game we don’t love.  This is your chance to see him for free before it costs a lot more in the future.  

November 26-29, 2015
Merkley is in a battle to prove he is the best player available for the OHL Draft over his counterpart on the Chicago Mission, Bode Wilde.  He is a lot different and that is what makes him so intriguing.  He is a skilled defender who has average size but a ton of skill and hockey smarts.  He always controls the play and pace of the action.  He is an excellent skater with speed and mobility.  He holds on to the puck with a huge amount of confidence and is ready now for the next level.  He has been playing up for many years and it has honed his game to what we see today.  He moves the puck with urgency and can rip off a shot or pass on the fly at full stride.  He has shown so many of the things that NHL scouts look for it is easy to believe he will be an outstanding success at the next level and beyond.  

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